Document Composition & Database Management

You could save 30% on wasted mailings by cleaning up your database. At MPS we can assess your database’s accuracy and remove old addresses in order to reduce return rates and save on mailing costs.


We also provide a complete service for document composition, allowing us to create a documents to your specifications.

Document Composition


Using XMPie, PReS and Planet Press software (the best suite of software in the business), we can provide a complete service for document composition, with set variable letter-texts. We can even set-up for variable images and different stationery backgrounds. Always providing proofs for sign off.

With our cleaning & sorting software, we can sort mail for the UK, Europe and Rest of World, so we can process the data to obtain the best possible postal rate.

Approved files can then be output as PDF’s and sent directly to our printers. Rest assured we will include the seed list, generate AB samples and ensure CBC items pass the important tap test.


Database Management

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Poor quality data costs your business money – both financially and in terms of brand reputation.


The biggest savings can be made on production, print and postage costs before your direct mail project has even begun – simply by ensuring you have a ‘clean’ database at the start of any campaign.

6 people move house every minute in the UK, and 3.25 million move house every year. You could be wasting money on the design, production and postage costs of your direct mail by sending to old addresses or ‘gone aways’, whilst missing the opportunity to reach those you really want to talk to.


  • Gone-aways
  • Deceased
  • Contacts on the MPS (Mailing Preference Service)
  • Duplicates
  • Re-directions
  • PAF cleansing

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